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With dozens of SEO courses in the Greater London area including some dedicated to the organic search channel and others offering a broader scope of education to cover search marketing and even digital marketing in general, there’s no longer any excuse for not enrolling on an SEO course near you!

COURSE: Beginners Content Marketing (Passion Digital)

The half-day course in content marketing from Passion Digital has been specially formulated for writers who are new to producing online material. Hence you will be introduced to a range of topics including SEO, effective use of social media and planning your content marketing strategy.

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COURSE: Beginners SEO (Passion Digital)

The Beginners SEO Course run by Passion Digital is designed to provide those new to the industry with an overview of all the key concepts of the industry in an intensive half-day session. Here you be briefed on the fundamentals of SEO, how search engines rank websites and how you can design your content accordingly. Their expert tutors will also give an estimation of how the SEO industry will develop in the future, giving you an insight into what you may have to prepare for to ensure your site ranks highly.

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COURSE: Advanced SEO Marketing Training (Econsultancy)

Econsultancy offers an Advanced Training course in SEO Marketing designed for intermediate and advanced users to sharpen their skills within the industry by introducing new diagnostic tools alongside recent developments in recommended approaches. Moreover you will be taught on how enhanced query targeting and a detailed content strategy can be used to improve your search rankings.

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COURSE: Masterclass – Customer Experience (Econsultancy)

Econsultancy offers a three-day practical course in enhancing Customer Experience (CX) throughout your website portfolio. The training material is comprehensive covering the foundations of good website User Experience (UX), research, web design principles and optimising your mobile offerings. Econsultancy recommends this course for beginners as well as experienced marketers.

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COURSE: Fast Track Digital Marketing (Econsultancy)

If you are new to the digital marketing industry you may consider the fast track course offered by Econsultancy which aims to provide beginners with a complete overview of the field. Over two days you will learn essential disciplines in search engine marketing, PPC advertising, ecommerce and affiliate marketing. This will be complemented by training on social media platforms and data analysis to maximise your sales.

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COURSE: SEO Marketing Training (Econsultancy)

The intermediate training course in SEO Marketing offered by Econsultancy is designed to teach students the benefits of building a comprehensive organic search strategy to maximise your performance. Thus you will learn a broad range of topics including keyword research, increasing link equity and improving your website structure.

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COURSE: VIP SEO Training (ClickDo Ltd)

The VIP SEO Training course is personally run by the founder of ClickDo, Paththage Fernando, who aims to provide a total overview of tools & techniques which you can use to improve your ranking across all search engines. This includes content optimisation, auditing tools for assessing your performance and technical implementation of CDNs. Moreover you will be taught on the importance of page speed optimisation, internal link-building and how to adapt to the latest changes in search engine algorithms.

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COURSE: Advance SEO Training (ClickDo Ltd)

If you have prior experience with SEO you may consider the ‘Advance’ training course offered by ClickDo Ltd. The content of the course is designed to help you further improve your ranking in search results pages by targeting featured snippets, introducing you to new tools to measure the impact of your site and how content marketing can be used alongside SEO.

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COURSE: WordPress SEO Training (ClickDo Ltd)

ClickDo recognises that many small business owners and webmasters manage their sites on CMS platforms such as WordPress, therefore they offer a dedicated training course which focuses on improving your ranking whilst using these systems. The course covers a broad range of SEO tactics including keyword optimisation and the importance of link-building, as well as how you can use your hosting service to boost your performance.

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COURSE: SEO Training – Standard (ClickDo Ltd)

ClickDo Ltd runs an SEO course which provides students with a basic overview of how to improve their organic search performance from planning out your content via keyword research to monitoring your portfolio with analytics tools. On this course you will also be taught the importance of high-authority backlinking and how to adapt your content for social media.

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COURSE: Google SEO (London Web Factory)

The Google SEO training course run by London Web Factory is an intensive regime of 10 modules taught within a single day which is designed for a range of students including content writers, new marketers and experienced professionals who want an update on key developments within the organic search industry. Topics including analytics, link-building strategies and HTML optimisation.

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COURSE: What is Marketing? (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) runs an introductory course: ‘What is Marketing?’ designed to give a solid foundation for those joining the profession as well as other staff members to give them an overview of what their marketing teams do. This is particularly important as cross-departmental working is crucial in developing a cohesive marketing strategy, hence understanding broad marketing principles is becoming evermore relevant to experienced webmasters such as SEO managers as well as trainees. The course programme naturally covers a wide range of topics including planning a marketing strategy, calculating return on investment (ROI) and future opportunities for engaging with your customer base.

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COURSE: User Experience (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

User Experience (UX) is critical in ensuring a high click-through rate which in turn drives sales results. Therefore the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) runs a comprehensive day course which covers topics such as identifying your user’s needs, mapping their journey through your site to aid optimisation decisions and testing any updates to your site via prototyping. They will also provide you with a basic overview of analytical tools you can use to check UX including online testing and running focus groups.

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COURSE: Influencer Marketing (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) recognises that celebrities and social media stars are becoming increasingly important in advertising brands, and that working with these ‘influencers’ can be a more effective strategy than traditional forms of marketing such as television advertising. Therefore they offer a Influencer Marketing course tailored to approaching these individuals and how they can potentially increase your advertising reach. Furthermore you will learn how you can integrate your influencer’s content into your own site and how influencer marketing can impact your SEO performance.

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COURSE: Social Media Content Strategies (

Social media has become one of the dominant forces in journalism, hence creating engaging content to reach a wider audience is an increasingly important aspect of working in the media. offers an intensive one-day course which covers Social Media Content Strategies, by taking this training you can learn how to identify your target audience and how to optimise the discoverability of your writing.

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COURSE: SEO for Journalists (

Due to the fact search engines regularly update their algorithms it is important to keep up to speed with the latest developments. recognise this, therefore they offer a SEO for Journalists course designed to inform publishers, editors and writers about relevant techniques they can use to improve their search rankings. This can include identifying what search engines look for in well-optimised content and how you can avoid getting penalised for poor practices.

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COURSE: Digital Copywriting Essentials (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

Professional writers looking for an introduction into producing copy for marketing purposes should consider taking the Digital Copywriting Essentials course offered by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM). The programme focuses on adapting your copy for websites by introducing you to key principles in SEO, which you can use to improve the ranking capabilities of your website. Here you will also learn about the basic theory behind writing effective social media posts and email campaign material.

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COURSE: Content Marketing Strategy (Institute for Direct and Digital Marketing)

The IDM (Institute for Direct and Digital Marketing) runs a detailed course on Content Marketing Strategy, which includes topics such as the business justification for creating a strategy, identifying key stakeholders in your business and how your plan can take emerging trends into consideration. The course also accounts for branding decisions and how your company can retain a consistent message across numerous channels using your content strategy.

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COURSE: PR in a Changing Digital Landscape (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

If you are interested in learning how public relations affects your overall marketing performance in an increasingly technological world then you may consider the PR in a Changing Digital Landscape course offered by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM). Tutees will be taught how creating strong content and engaging social media posts can be used to drive results in an SEO-friendly manner, thus improving both your ranking performance and your conversion rates. Moreover you will be trained in the use of tools you can use to plan your PR strategy and subsequently evaluate your performance.

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COURSE: Digital Marketing Essentials (Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing)

The Digital Marketing Essentials course is a one-day training programme designed by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) to provide a useful overview of the sector for beginners. The course covers a wide range of foci such as search engine optimisation (SEO), engagement through social media, affiliate marketing and running pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

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