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    Your program to unite business and IT expertise while strengthening your leadership and personal development skills.

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    We at TUM School of Management designed the Executive MBA in Business & IT for you as an experienced IT professional, technical expert or a digital manager with interest in IT & Digitalization. This is your place to stay agile at the forefront of digitalization and rank up to the next level of your career.

    We interlink leadership and communication knowledge with profound industry expertise. Our aim is to empower you to expand your knowledge across those fields, enhance your business skills and introduce you to a network of other innovative experts and leaders. With the program taking place at both the TUM School of Management in Munich as well as at the Institute of Information Management at the University St. Gallen, you will profit from studying at two Triple Crown accredited business schools.

    With your eagerness to leverage your expertise to fuse business and IT processes in the age of digital transformation, now is the right time to develop next-generation leadership to lead digital transformation.

    What to do next?

    Does this sound exactly like what you need? Scroll down to find a brief overview of the program, its curriculum, class profile and more.

    Do you want to know a little more? We have collected your most relevant Executive MBA questions, dive into our brochure now and find all your answers directly from our Academic Program Director, Program Manager and Alumni.

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      15Feb2023MBA FairQS MBA Fair Zürich16Feb2023MBA FairAccess MBA Fair in Munich11Mar2023MBA FairE-fellows MBA Day Munich
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    incl. Master’s Thesis

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    Munich, DE & St. Gallen, CH

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    of work experience

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    in the previous two years

    • Program Executive MBA in Business & IT
    • Degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by TUM
    • Program Features - Digital transformation & entrepreneurship/innovation
      - Business processes & technology
      - Leadership & personal development
      - IT security & privacy management
    • Target Group Experienced IT or technical experts, digital managers or managers
    • Intake Twice a year, Fall (October) & Spring (April).
    • Duration 4 semesters including master’s thesis
    • Format Part-time format with modular structure (suitable for full-time working professionals and international students residing abroad)
    • Program language English
    • Location Munich & St. Gallen
    • Study Trip International Study Trip to UC Berkeley, USA
    • Tuition fee € 39,000* (plus student union fee) - The tuition fees are invoiced in 4 installments

    *Based on our experience, the Germantax benefits help many of our students to self-finance their education as these can be worth of up to 50 % of tuition fees and program related travel costs.Please, consult your personaltax advisor for more details.For participants of our programs residing outside Germany this might be applicable, pleasecheck the situation with the localtax authorities in your country ofresidence.

    *Learn more about the one time partial scholarship offered by the VOICE e.V.here


    As the most flexible program of our Executive MBAs, the Executive MBA in Business & IT offers a part-time format with a modular structure which enables working professionals and participants residing abroad to complete their studies in a flexible way. Additionally to the 10 core modules, you get to benefit from numerous business partners and expert speakers from academia as well as the IT sector who share their knowledge in evening sessions.

    Acknowledging the need for internationalization and networking, we offer attractive overseas opportunities at top international universities.

    While six of your modules are hosted by the Technical University Munich (TUM), four modules are held by the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in St. Gallen – both Triple Crown accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB.

    Following our recommended schedule, you will complete theExecutive MBA in Business & ITwithin two years.However, we also give you the option to individualize your schedule by changing the order of the modules to meet yourneeds and graduate within 18 months or extend your studies up to three years.

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    To get a first taste of the Executive MBA Business & IT program, you can take part in one of the modules to receive a certificate. When you choose to start the complete program later on, this certificate will be accredited, and you will not have to repeat this specific course. This is only possible with the Executive MBA in Business & IT.

    Our Executive MBA in Business & IT is the place to learn new leadership skills and challenge your personal development at the interface between management and technology to develop next-generation leadership.​

    Would you like to learn more about our modules? Make sure to visit the respective module pages below.

    TUM – Munich

    On-site from Monday to Friday.

    HSG – St. Gallen

    On-site from Monday to Friday.

    Modules at TUM

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    Modules at HSG

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    Academic Program Director Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar on the structure of the Executive MBA in Business & IT.


    TUM – Munich

    As part of the TUM’s technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem, management and technology are our passion and our strength at the TUM School of Management. Following our pursuit of excellence, the TUM School of Management is Triple Crown accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB, and has been top-ranked amongst Germany’s business schools since our establishment in 2002. We attract and educate the best talents from all over the world and pursue relevant research to advance innovation-based businesses and societies. As we continuously carry out interdisciplinary and interfaculty research and successfully cooperate with external research facilities, we always strive to implement the latest research results in pertinent areas into our evidence-based executive education approach. The faculty employs a total of 35 professors and an additional 250 staff members. The TUM School of Management cooperates with about 160 internationally renowned universities and business schools.

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    Executive MBA in Business & IT (11)

    HSG – St. Gallen

    The University of St. Gallen (HSG) was founded as a business academy in 1898, during the heyday of the St. Gallen embroidery industry. Today, it is home to respected faculties such as the School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, and International Affairs. The first lecture was held in 1899. The practice-oriented approach and integrative view have characterized the education offering since those early days. Today, HSG is one of Europe’s leading business schools and Triple Crown accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. The University of St. Gallen’s Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) is an independent, largely self-financed institute dedicated to conducting research and academic education at the interface between business and information technology.

    CLass Profile

    Starting your Executive MBA in Business & IT, you will be welcomed into a dynamic group of students. Coming from different academic and cultural backgrounds with experience in various sectors you will learn from each other and find new approaches in enriched conversations and discussions

    Age: Ø 35 years

    Work experience: Ø 10 years

    Leadership experience: Ø 3 years

    International ratio: 32% internationals


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    Executive MBA in Business & IT (13)


    Do you want to know more about the Executive MBA journey and experience at TUM? Our alumni and participants share their stories

    Executive Education – If Not Now, Then When? Soon after the coronavirus began spreading and almost the entire world entered a lockdown, the first voices were raised, promotingMore Information

    JUNE 23, 2021

    JULY 15, 2022


    We are aware that the choice of university is a big one. That is why we we’ve come up with new online formats to support you and advise you in your Executive MBA journey. We are looking forward to e-meet you!

    We offer monthly Virtual Info Sessions to guide you through the program’s structure, curriculum and benefits. We are dedicated to giving you all the information you need. Have a look at our Calendar and save your slot at the Virtual Info Session of your choice.

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      15Feb2023MBA FairQS MBA Fair Zürich16Feb2023MBA FairAccess MBA Fair in Munich11Mar2023MBA FairE-fellows MBA Day Munich
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    During our individualized consultations, our Program Manager will answer all of your Executive MBA in Business & IT questions, you will learn more about the advantages of studying at a Triple Crown accredited business school, the flexibility that our part-time programs offers you and the impact our program can have in your network. Benefit from an online one-to-one consultation and book your slot now. If there are no appointments available please send an E-Mail toinfo.emba@lll.tum.de.


    Carefully chosen partnerships from Academia and the business world are a vital part of the Executive MBA in Business & IT. Besides our Program Review Board who continuously improves the program according to the needs of the organizations, we have established a number of partnerships with associations and businesses.


    An international study trip is part of the Executive MBA in Business & IT. The trip will take place at University of California, Berkeley (USA).


    Several business partners acknowledge and support the program by giving feedback and sending their employees to join the EMBA program.

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    Executive MBA in Business & IT (17)

    Executive MBA in Business & IT (18)

    Executive MBA in Business & IT (19)

    Executive MBA in Business & IT (20)


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    VOICE, Federal Association of IT Users, is a professional network and forum for the exchange of best practices in information technology. It aims at advancing the interests of IT users and brings together CIOs from leading enterprises. The initiative was founded in 2011 and today counts around 400 members.

    Offering a platform as a competent service provider and strong association partner VOICE involves decision-makers in sustained high-level dialogue. The association strives to provide the network with a fluent transfer of knowledge regarding the strategic challenges posed in IT roles. Regular meetings, as well as a designated internal collaboration platform, keep the workgroup’s impact directly on IT government policies and on solution providers.

    The added value of the association is obvious: an extensive service offering and a trusted network. Focusing on the user perspective, VOICE also increases the awareness of IT users in public. As an essential partner of the program VOICE gives feedback on content, provides regular input, and even gives out partial scholarships. To be eligible to apply, your organization must be a member of VOICE.

    A partial scholarship is offered by our partner VOICE e.V. To be eligible to apply, your organization must be a member of VOICE. All further information is available in the Executive MBA Business & IT – VOICE e.V. Scholarship flyer.

    More on VOICE e.V. Scholarship


    For more details onformal entry requirements, yourapplication process,application roundsas well asstep-by-step guidance,please check our admission page. We also offer a consultation and CV assessment free of charge.

    Admission Guidance


    Are you ready to lead digital transformation?

    We appreciate your interest in this Executive MBA program and would love to meet you: Get in touch with our Program Manager by booking your one-on-one consultation here. We are happy to answer all your questions related to the content and structure of the program, guide you through our Executive MBA requirements as well as assess your CV.

    The Executive MBA in Business & IT does not fit what you are looking for? Explore our other Executive MBA programs to find the right one.

    (Video) Executive MBA vs MBA | Is an EMBA Degree Right For YOU?


    Is doing an executive MBA worth it? ›

    Value of the degree

    An executive MBA has an equal and even more value, professionally, as it always prepares you for the next level. An EMBA has a bigger impact on one's work life. According to EMBAC, 39% OF EMBA graduates receive a promotion after their graduation.

    Is an executive MBA as good as an MBA? ›

    How is an EMBA different from an MBA? The 'E' in EMBA stands for executive—but that doesn't necessarily mean EMBAs are superior to MBAs. They're essentially the same degree, but EMBAs are structured for current (rather than aspiring) executives and tend to be more flexible to accommodate busy schedules.

    What is EMBA salary? ›

    The majority of EMBA graduates can expect an average graduate salary between US$300,000 and US$400,000.
    Average salary: US$300,000-US$400,000.
    EMBA programmes with average graduate salaries of US$300,000-US$400,000
    SchoolAverage salary (US$)
    IE Business School309,031
    9 more rows

    Will executive MBA increase my salary? ›

    Of course it is! Earning more and getting promoted are two of the top goals of prospective MBA students, and research from alumni (and the employers that hire them) show that graduates find a lot of success meeting their goals with the broad-based business skillset of an MBA.

    What are the disadvantages of executive MBA? ›

    Executive MBA does not provide as many specializations as a 2- year full-time MBA. So, you may struggle to find a program suited to your interests academically, socially, geographically, and schedule-wise. Therefore, a compromise is required.

    What age is good for executive MBA? ›

    Age Limit: Some B-schools may place an age limit of minimum 25-27 years for an executive MBA program. Work Experience: Work experience is the main criteria for admission to EMBA. In most cases, candidates need to have a full-time work experience of at least 5 years at executive or managerial level.

    Does GPA matter for executive MBA? ›

    Many EMBA programs also require a college transcript. However, EMBA admissions councils tend to de-emphasize college GPAs as the information may be many years old and irrelevant: potentially good news for an EMBA applicant that struggled in college but excelled in the working world.

    Is MBA harder than EMBA? ›

    EMBA classes tend to be more intensive than MBA classes for two reasons: (1) the condensed structure means more information is packed into each class, and (2) EMBA candidates typically enter their programs with significantly more work experience, naturally generating higher-level class discussions.

    Are executive MBAs hard? ›

    A “work hard, play hard” mentality is pretty challenging to maintain while completing an executive MBA program. Prioritization becomes key when trying to balance a 40- to 60-hour workweek in addition to 20-plus hours of studying.

    Can I get a job after executive MBA? ›

    Scope after Executive MBA

    Resume working: A candidate after completing the Executive MBA degree course in any specialization can start working in any firm, organization, or company. He or she can apply for higher positions as manager or secretary in several huge and reputed companies.

    Is executive MBA equivalent to Masters? ›

    Executive master of business administration is a degree program similar to a master of business administration (MBA) program but specifically designed for corporate executives and senior managers already in the workforce.

    What is the point of executive MBA? ›

    An executive MBA program, also known as an EMBA program, is designed for students who are further along in their careers and want to continue working full-time while in school. Schedules vary among programs, but most offer part-time formats like weekend classes.

    Which Executive MBA program is best? ›

    Top 10 Executive MBA Programs in the World 2020
    QS Global Top 10 Executive MBA Programs 2020
    1The Wharton SchoolMBA for Executives
    2IESE Business School - University of NavarraGlobal Executive MBA
    3HEC ParisExecutive MBA
    7 more rows

    What can I do after Executive MBA? ›

    Here are some of the job profiles that you can seek for after completion of your Executive MBA.
    Executive MBA Career Opportunities – Executive MBA Job Opportunities in Top Companies.
    Career Opportunities after Executive MBA in HR
    Sr. Human Resources (HR) ManagerRecruiter
    Product HeadSales Manager
    45 more rows

    Is 40 too old for executive MBA? ›

    No, it isn't too late. But you need to have realistic expectations of what the MBA can do for you.

    Is 40 too old to get an MBA? ›

    Every stage in life brings advantages and challenges to graduate education. Still, you can be comforted in knowing that there is no age limit for higher learning. In fact, an MBA at 40 could deliver many unique benefits above and beyond those enjoyed by younger students.

    What age is too late for MBA? ›

    Although most incoming MBA classes have an average age in the late 20s, you're never too old to apply to business school. Age is not a criterion considered in the admissions process.

    Do I need GMAT for Executive MBA? ›

    If you're wondering “is the GMAT required for an Executive MBA?”, the answer is increasingly “no.” While the GMAT was once the standard entrance exam for business school, the Executive Assessment (EA) is becoming more popular among EMBA candidates and programs.

    Who all are eligible for Executive MBA? ›

    Any candidate who has completed a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50 percent aggregate or equivalent from a recognised university. In many institutes, there are no minimum cut-off marks for Executive MBA admission. The candidate must have at least two years of work experience at the managerial or executive level.

    Is GMAT score required for Executive MBA? ›

    General Criteria for EMBA from IIMs

    Most IIMs place a criterion of minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA in Bachelor Degree. Candidate needs to have a valid GMAT/GRE scores. These scores are valid for five years.

    How many hours a week is EMBA? ›

    It requires 30 to 40 hours a week as a student. Yet, the program is geared to the realities of ambitious executives who are ready to roll up their sleeves and push forward.

    What is the salary of Executive MBA in Amazon? ›

    How much does a MBA at Amazon make? MBA salaries at Amazon can range from ₹9,73,354-₹10,65,166.

    What is the benefit of executive MBA? ›

    Most executive MBA programs provide business coaching and leadership training throughout the program, helping participants learn more about themselves and their managerial styles. Such development makes them more effective leaders on the job and in real time.

    What is the advantage of executive MBA? ›

    Most executive MBA programs have the advantage of being organized in a cohort that fosters expansion of professional networks, continued professional development and thought leadership. Students have the ability to go beyond their current networks and industries, enhancing their career through their network.

    Does GPA matter for Executive MBA? ›

    Many EMBA programs also require a college transcript. However, EMBA admissions councils tend to de-emphasize college GPAs as the information may be many years old and irrelevant: potentially good news for an EMBA applicant that struggled in college but excelled in the working world.

    Which Executive MBA is best? ›

    Top 10 Executive MBA Programs in the World 2020
    QS Global Top 10 Executive MBA Programs 2020
    1The Wharton SchoolMBA for Executives
    2IESE Business School - University of NavarraGlobal Executive MBA
    3HEC ParisExecutive MBA
    7 more rows

    How many years is an Executive MBA? ›

    An EMBA, or an Executive Master of Business Administration, is also a two-year program, but it's aimed at business executives with five years or more of managerial experience.


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