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Level up your career now and develop next-generation leadership with our TUM School of Management Executive MBA programs.

It is our mission to be your stepping stone to becoming a highly effective, responsible, and innovative decision-maker. That is why our Executive Education portfolio is designed to strengthen your knowledge and managerial skills. As an experienced executive, technical expert, senior-level manager, or future entrepreneur you will be equipped with personal development tools in different specialization areas. Our award-winning and renowned lecturers and practitioners share their expertise and resources through three different Executive MBA programs.

This is your chance to join a worldwide network of research institutions, corporate partners, leading organizations, and start-ups and become part of a truly dynamic, inspirational, and international community.

All you need to do now is: Find the right Executive MBA program for you, and take the next step in your career!

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We are aware that selecting the right Executive MBA for your needs is a crucial decision. That is why we have prepared a set of questions and answers that will support you in this decision process. Your journey starts here.

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Which Executive MBA is the rightonefor me?


Suited for

Focus on

Format & Duration


Tuition fee


Experienced executives, professionals or managers

Leadership & personal development and strategy & organization

Thursday to Tuesday (incl. Weekends) / 4 semesters including master’s thesis

Fall (October) & Spring (April)

€ 39,000 plus student union fee (payable at once or in four installments)

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Experienced technical experts or digital managers

Digital transformation, business processes & technology, and leadership

Monday to Friday / 4 semesters including master’s thesis

Fall (October) & Spring (April)

€ 39,000 plus student union fee (payable at once or in four installments)

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Aspiring entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, corporate innovators or visionaries

Innovation management, entrepreneurship, and leadership

Two to six days a week / 4 semesters including master’s thesis

Fall (October)

€ 39,000 plus student union fee (payable at once or in four installments)

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Get to know yourself as a leader
Lead the digital transformation
Discover your entrepreneurial mindset
Suited ForFor executives and managers with different academic and professional backgroundsFor digital transformation managers or professionals with an interest in management & ITFor entrepreneurs and innovation managers
Focus OnManagement,
and personal development
Digital transformation
and information management
and innovation management
FormatThursday – Tuesday all day (incl. weekends)Monday – Friday, all dayBetween two and six days.
Always include a weekend
IntakeFall (October) & Spring (April)Fall (October) & Spring (April)Once a year, every Fall (October)
Duration3 semesters plus Master’s Thesis
(two years in total)
3 semesters plus Master’s Thesis
(two years in total)
3 semesters plus Master’s Thesis
(two years in total)
Tuition Fee€ 39.000 plus student union fee
(payable at once or in four installments)
€ 39.000 plus student union fee
(payable at once or in four installments)
€ 39.000 plus student union fee
(payable at once or in four installments)

Target group

Focus on

Tuition fee

For executives and managers

Management, leadership and personal development

€ 39,000 plus student union fee

For managers and technical experts in the age of digitalization

Digital transformation and information management

€ 39,000 plus student union fee

For entrepreneurs and innovation managers

Entrepreneurship and innovation management

€ 39,000 plus student union fee

Why should I get my Executive MBA from TUM?

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities and one of the first to be named a University of Excellence in Germanyand has the vision to lead as one of Europe’s mostEntrepreneurial University.The university’s commitment to excellence in research and teaching is reflected in its rankings. The TUM is on a mission to empower talents in all their diversity to become responsible, broad-minded individuals who shape progress and generate solutions for the many challenges society is facing.

Established within TUM’s technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem is the TUM School of Management – where management and technology are our passion and strength. Following our pursuit of excellence, theTUM School of Managementis amongst the top 1% of business schools worldwide who hold aTriple Crownaccreditation by AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB,the business school has been top-ranked amongst Germany’s business schools since our establishment in 2002.We attract and educate the best talents from all over the world and pursue relevant research to advance innovation-based businesses and societies. As we consistently exchange knowledge, data, and experience with the Technical University of Munich, we always strive to implement the latest research results in pertinent areas into our evidence-based executive education approach.

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Each one of our three Executive MBA programs has a modular format to meet your personal as well as your professional needs. Our programs are set up in an ideal ecosystem for expert and leadership development providing you with unique opportunities to experiment with leadership behaviors, receive and reflect on feedback, and develop your leadership and personal skills in a “safe environment”.

Executive MBA Programs (4)

Why should I enroll for an Executive MBA in Munich?

In recent years, Munich has established itself among the world-leading cities of digitalization. Both Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, only recently chose the Bavarian capital over well-established international tech locations for new development centers. The city has scored second place in this year’s QS Best Student Cities, even surpassing Berlin. Consequently, Munich – or as German Handelsblatt says: “the German showcase of the brave new world” – is also becoming more and more relevant as an international study destination. Moreover, Munich’s highest university entrant in the QS World University Rankings 2022 is, in fact, the Technical University of Munich at 50th place.

How much are the Executive MBA fees?

The tuition fee is € 39,000 for all programs, payable at once or in four equal installments over the course of the Executive MBA program.
Please note that your travel and accomodation costs (during your stay abroad) and student union fee are not included in your tuition fee.

How can I finance my Executive MBA studies?

Based on our experience, the financial burden of the Executive MBA program may be reduced by tax savings, education funding, student loan, or sponsorship by your employer. You can find more information on this in our brochure. Because this is non-binding information, please seek further information with either of the respective entities above.

What Executive MBA degree will I acquire after graduation?

You will get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree awarded by Technical University Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany.

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Is this an international Executive MBA?

Recognizing the global nature of modern business practice, all our programs offer interactive international opportunities at top universities: UC Berkeley in the USA, Tsinghua University in China or University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

We are exploring further ways our participants can make an impact on the international stage and we constantly look to develop the program in the areas of sustainability and ethical business practice.

How can I learn more about the Executive MBA programs?

We are aware that starting your Executive MBA journey is an important decision and there are many more questions to be answered. That is why we offer Virtual Info Sessions to provide you with all relevant information about the program, the advantages of studying at a Triple Crown Accredited business school and about the flexibility our programs offer through its part-time format. We are looking forward to e-meet you and introduce ourselves.
Have a look at our Calendar and register now to save your spot at the Virtual Info Session of your choice.


Any questions left?

Get in touch with our team of dedicated program managers and ask us any questions you might have. We are also happy to assess your CV to find the perfect program for you and guide you through all necessary Executive MBA requirements. Of course, we offer our consultation free of charge.

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    Admission & Recruitment Manager
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  • Susanna Feldmeyer
    Team Lead Executive & Professional Master Programs
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